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Received the following email from FreedomWorks last evening.

Obamacare must be repealed and the government’s move to take our over private lives through public programs must be stopped.

Please sign the following petition sending your voice to the Supreme Court and share.  Thank you.

“You and I know that since the days of Woodrow Wilson, the progressive movement has been on the march to incrementally take over our private lives with public programs.And this March, progressives across America are celebrating the two year anniversary of ObamaCare as proof that this radical health care takeover will now be permanent.

But there remains hope that we can End ObamaCare Now.

The Supreme Court is preparing to decide the fate of ObamaCare and we’re sending thousands of signatures to the Court with one clear voice: End ObamaCare Now.

I’m asking you to sign our petition to the Supreme Court and End ObamaCare Now!


Thousands of Americans have signed already…opposing Obama’s individual mandate…his health care rationing board…and the billions in new spending hidden in ObamaCare.

Celebrate the two year anniversary of ObamaCare by committing to do everything you can to help repeal this radical law. Now is the time to act. Sign our petition to End ObamaCare Now.

We’ve taken ObamaCare straight to the Supreme Court, filing a legal brief through our Constitution Defense Fund and rallying our 1.5 million members—members like you—to End ObamaCare Now!

If you want to restore freedom in America’s health care system, challenging the constitutionality of ObamaCare is critical and we’re leading that fight. Urge the Supreme Court to respect individual liberty and reject the individual mandate by signing our petition to End ObamaCare Now!

If we are going to beat back the progressive agenda…if we are going to stem the rising tide of Big Government…we must End ObamaCare Now.

Sign the petition right now.

Thank you.

In Liberty,

Matt Kibbe Signature

Matt Kibbe
President & CEO, FreedomWorks”

Obama is gathering his army to march on the Supreme Court beginning twelve days from today in an effort to sway  SCOTUS to rule in his favor on Obamacare.  However, in spite of Obama’s lap dogs marching on the Supreme Court to do their messiah’s bidding, there are far more Americans who oppose this assault on our liberties and the U. S. Constitution.

Let your voices be heard.  Send a message loud and clear that Obamacare is an assault on the freedom of all Americans, unconstitutional and MUST BE REPEALED.

WARNING:  Patriots, please remember that Progressives are great at distractions.  They will use this time to throw all kinds of nonsense in our path to distract us from the task at hand and at the moment, that is the REPEAL OF OBAMACARE and to make Barack Obama a ONE-TERM PRESIDENT.

That being said, far too many of us are gullible and easily distracted.


Acknowledging that there is much to do, we must by any means necessary STAY ON POINT, FOCUSED and on the road to making this happen.

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