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As a buddy of mine mentioned on another blog, Try to imagine a White Candidate asking for White Votes.”

Damn, talk about racist and divisive.  The creation of the video and the web site is all that and more.

Not to mention, if Bush43 or John McCain would have reached out as Obama did, or any other candidate for that matter including a Black Conservative, there would be a major outcry from Progressives and the assaults against that individual would be endless.

Since Obama is addressing only Black Americans in the above video, may I suggest checking out the following articles to see exactly how poorly Black Americans are faring under an Obama presidency?

Although these are just a handful of links, they should serve as a wakeup call to even the dumbest Obama supporter.

To my Black American brothers and sisters, before you go all Samuel Jackson with your undying support of Obama just to keep a Black man in the White House, besides taken the above articles into consideration, you should read an article written in the Hudson Valley Press Online by William Reed entitled, “African Americans and the illusion of inclusion” (excerpt below):

“…Instead of making sure that measures toward curbing Black unemployment and underemployment are being carved into the 2012 Democratic Party platform, the majority of African-American political activists are singularly engaged on keeping Barack Obama in the White House.

In the rush for inclusion in America, the election of the first Black President represented the apex of success to some. The folly of that has fallen to the level that Blacks’ major political pursuit is maintenance of the status quo and Obama as President. In their moves to be mainstream, Blacks now eagerly accept second-class American status. If you look at any social index, Blacks have much to complain about, Not just this Democratic administration but most political administrations over the years have ignored Blacks and their political needs. Black activists must be brainwashed or blind not to see legacies of institutional racism and discrimination in housing, education, policing, criminal justice and employment that continue under Obama’s presidency. …”


In essence, everything that Obama has done since he stepped foot into the White House has undermined the advancement of Americans, especially Black Americans.

It is mortifying that Black Americans suffering like hell under an Obama presidency might just be willing to give this cretin a pass.

If it were anyone else, Black America and the so-called Black leaders and community organizers would be out there protesting en masse.

The United States cannot stand another four years of Obama and the Black America, far less.

Obama’s gift to Black America was to set us back fifty years plus delivering the nation as a whole down the road to serfdom.  To Progressives, especially Obama, Black Americans are nothing more than servants and lap dogs.

Obama knows that he has failed America and in so doing, he most certainly has failed Black America.  Hence, Obama’s call to arms is a disgrace, a farce and Black Americans should be insulted.