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This housing mess is the biggest fraud in the history of the United States and something tells me that it is not over yet, i.e., before Obama stepped a foot into the White House.

I remember getting a call from a family member back in 2000 who NEVER worked a day in her life.  She informed me that a real estate agent contacted her and asked her if she wanted to own her own home.  She said yes and the real estate agent said, all you have to do is give me your social security number and it is a done deal.

This woman was calling me to ask me my opinion but did not like the answer when I began to inquire as to how she proposes to pay for the home and to maintain it.

After several heated discussions (why ask if you are not going to like the reply), she decided against purchasing the home.

Then there is another distant family member who purchased a home under the same fraud. This woman worked but her income was limited.

For three or four years running, every time I called this woman, she was on the telephone re-working her mortgage with the bank.

How these people scammed the system, I do not know because it never occurred to me to be so dishonest but by re-working her loan, somehow she ended up with a new car, a new this, a new that and a trainload of debt.


Who the hell convinced these people that owning a house was a civil right or some crap?  If one cannot afford it, then be mature enough to do without.

Not to mention, now the government wants to buy these homes and rent them out to the former owners.

What this says to me is that these people who thought they were gaming the system have in their willingness to be a party to this fraud (or not), if Obama has his way set themselves up to become permanently enslaved to the government.

Therefore, I ask, who swindled whom here and has it occurred to anyone that the end game being laid out by the Obama administration may have been the plan all along?

Evil I know, but so Progressive.