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“[Madison, Wisc…] More than a year after it was introduced, legislation that will bring unprecedented school choice to families who wish to enroll in Wisconsin’s public schools passed the Assembly Thursday.

Senate Bill 2, which expands the timing and options behind the state’s open enrollment policies, will allow parents and children more freedom than ever before when it comes to choosing the school that is right for them.

The legislation, now on its way to the Governor for his signature, will change the process of open enrollment. The law will allow for a freer transfer of students between public schools across districts. This legislation expands the formal application process from a three week span to three months and include provisions for year-round transfers for students that aren’t happy with their current schools.

The sweeping reform comes at the conclusion of  National School Choice Week and the new policy is a major victory for educational freedom for parents and schools alike. Families will now have greater options to find the public school that works best for their children.”

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Way to go Wisconsin.  So tell me again, how bad is Scott Walker?

Seems to me that the unions thugs who want Walker recalled are the problem not the governor.

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