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Via EFF.org

Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, video artists who break the encryption on a DVD or sample online streaming videos could face legal threats – even if the video they create is considered fair use. We think that’s nuts.

Kirby Ferguson, creator of Everything is a Remix, is standing with the Electronic Frontier Foundation in fighting for the right to create remix videos. Please sign Kirby’s letter below and stand up for the rights of video artists. …

Three years ago, the Copyright Office agreed to create an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act so that creators could break DVD encryption to sample video clips. But that exemption is about to expire, opening up the possibility of legal threats against video artists like us….

…Stand with Kirby and the EFF! Click here for some tips on what kind of comments the Copyright Office finds most valuable….[learn more]

I do not believe it fair to tell someone what they can or cannot do with a video, DVD or music that they have paid for.  This is pc gone insane.

From where I sit, if one has purchased a DVD, music or a video, then once paid for, said purchaser should have the right to mix it up as he/she sees fit.

Where will the censorship end?  Moreover, why must these exemptions be revisited every three years?

Stop it, walk it back before it goes any further.

Via EFF.org Privacy info. This embed will serve content from youtube.com
Via EFF.org Privacy info. This embed will serve content from youtube.com

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