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A Lot of Coffee via Boudica BPI

“Killing Christians in Somalia, Burning Bibles in Pakistan and Stealth Jihad 22 September 2010 Mansuur Mohammed a Christian convert was beheaded by Sunni Muslims who recited the Koran Christian convert was beheaded by Sunni Muslims in Somalia while they recited the Koran.

The mass media and the political correct are in a spin because they cry “Islamophobia” but in the real world it is the followers of Islam who are slaughtering Christians in Somalia and it is only the Islamic faith which continues to kill apostates….”

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This is truly disturbing.  I do not understand how it is that here in the USA many are so damned concerned about Islamophobia yet all are overwhelmingly silent over the atrocities, of which there are many, committed against Christians by these barbarians around the world.