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It has been brought to light by GRUMPY OPINIONS and MAGGIE’S NOTEBOOK that we are being monitored folks by none other than the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD and I suspect with the blessings of Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook.

If you recall, Obama for America has been monitoring everything that you and I have to say about the anointed one for some time now.


“Bonnie from Bare Naked Islam likes to say it’s not Islamophobia if they’re really trying to get you.  She’s right.  More to he point it might be Christopobia of Jewophobia that makes Muslims behave the way they do– I honestly believe that Liberal are really Islamophobic, they’re the ones that get paranoid and whine about what the Islamic Radicals might do if you hurt their feelings..

If the Muslims aren’t suffering from a combination of Christophobia and Jewophobia why is the Muslim Brotherhood using facebook to spy on every person in the United States and probably Canada and the rest of the world to spy on non Muslims.  All you have to do is type in the magic words Muslim Brotherhood.  As soon as you do, whatever you are saying magically goes to a special facebook page operated by them…..”.



“It was brought to my attention yesterday that an official Muslim Brotherhood Facebook page, and an official Barack Obama campaign Facebook page are aggregating posts from other Facebook posters. We don’t know how this is happening technically without Facebook cooperating – at least I and some friends do not know. The glaring controversy is that the aggregations are all negative posts about Obama and about the Muslim Brotherhood. We have the U.S. regime and the Muslim Brotherhood members worldwide watching us, documenting us, and we cannot delete the posts from their Facebook pages. If you are someone who knows how this works, please enlighten me either in a comment or by email. The video below demonstrates the process.…”


After reading the above posts, I decided to do a little experiment of my own.

I went into my FB page and typed in Why are everyday Americans being monitored by the Muslim Brotherhood and Barack Obama?

Then I immediately went to the Muslim Brotherhood page of which I did not “LIKE” or “FRIEND” and there I was at the top of the page.  See screen shot below.





If you notice every time “MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD” is mentioned it shows up in bold print.  WHY?

Clearly, Facebook is in on this.  What other reason can there be?

For any updates, please check with GRUMPY OPINIONS or MAGGIE’S NOTEBOOK.

In the meantime, as Maggie suggest, LET US MAKE THIS GO VIRAL……