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“Qatar: host to the US military, al-Jazeera, the Muslim Brotherhood– and now, the world’s first Taliban embassy– at the behest of the Obama administration….

…This story was first reported around the time of the 9/11 anniversary and it’s not a surprise that Obama himself downplayed the news. As The Australian wrote in September:

‘THE US has given its blessing for the Taliban to be brought in from the cold with a critical step towards reconciliation as the world paused to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Washington has endorsed plans for the Islamist network to open political headquarters in the gulf state of Qatar by the end of the year. The move has been devised so the West can begin formal peace talks with the Taliban.’

In addition to being home to In his post, Dr. Phares reminds us that Qatar is the address of al-Jazeera, the Muslim Brotherhood’s most influential figure, Yusef al-Qaradawi, his website OnIslam.net and his popular al-Jazeera tv show, ‘Shariah and Life’….”


Image Courtesy of Politifake

Image Courtesy of Politifake

How much longer will Americans continue to turn a blind eye to the Imam in chief kicking us in the guts?  The sanctioning of a Taliban embassy is the ultimate act of treason by Obama.  H/t Gateway Pundit.

After all, it was the Taliban who conspired with Osama Bin Laden to pull off the September 11 attacks.

This Islamic turd must go.