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Alfredo Carrasquillo. Photograph Courtesy of James Thilman/Gothamist.

Alfredo Carrasquillo. Photograph Courtesy of James Thilman/Gothamist.

Photograph Courtesy of James Thilman/Gothamist.

Photograph Courtesy of James Thilman/Gothamist.

This is clearly a WTF moment, even for NYC.


“Yesterday, with the help of housing activists and Occupy Wall Street protesters, a homeless New York family with two children took possession of a Bank of America-owned property at 702 Vermont Street in East New York. According to community residents, the home, which had been foreclosed upon and remained vacant for over three years, was maintained by a neighbor and served as a place for other homeless New Yorkers to seek shelter from the elements. A march through the community intending to shine a spotlight on the staggering foreclosure rates in East New York—nearly five times the statewide average—culminated on Vermont Street with housewarming party held in honor of the family.

Alfredo Carrasquillo, 27, Tasha Glasgow, 30, and their children—Tanisha, 9, and Alfredo, Jr., 5—have been relying on the generosity of family and friends for several years, unable to find permanent affordable housing. Denied by the failed Advantage housing program, Carrasquillo, who is employed as a Community Organizer by Vocal NY, finally agreed to take an unorthodox approach for the sake of his family. “The goal is to get this house up and running, to claim it as our own,” he said. ‘I’m moving in tonight, but my family won’t until I find it a suitable place for children to live,” he went on. “I think people forget that New York isn’t just Manhattan. There are thousands of families just like mine who are struggling to get by in New York….’”

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Clearly, the author of the above article is a socialist.  No matter though.  They can spin it anyway they like but squatting is still trespassing and BOTH are illegal.

Shame on the OWS movement for using the clueless, homeless and poverty stricken in this manner but it comes as no surprise.  After all, Progressives have used Blacks, Latinos, the poor and the disabled as useful idiots to further their agenda for decades without all of the above never once gaining ground.

Shame on those who covets that, which belongs to others.

Shame on those who feel that they are within their rights to move onto an empty property owned by someone else without threat of eviction and/or being criminal penalization.

Squatting has never ended well for anyone in the past (especially with Michael Bloomberg at the helm) and it will not end well this time around either.  The only question is, how long will it be before the City Marshall pops up to evict these squatters and how many millions of taxpayer dollars will be wasted in the process?

It goes without saying, SHAME on ALL of the PARTIES involved for setting innocent children up for the huge fall that is sure to come and for teaching the young that it is perfectly acceptable to covet, pilfer and commandeer from others without taking the cost of such decisions into account.

Photograph Courtesy of @allisonkilkenny/Gothamist.

Photograph Courtesy of @allisonkilkenny/Gothamist.

Not to sound like a racist, but anyone passing through Vermont Street yesterday took one look at these freeloaders and knew darned well that they did not belong there.  I wonder if they got out before dark. Oh well…..

In an earlier article from the GOTHAMIST this week:

“Though Occupy Wall Street has spent much of their time amidst the canyons of the Financial District’s “heroes,’ tomorrow’s efforts are focused in East New York, as part of a nationwide day of action to call

Regardless of who you believe is culpable for the housing crisis (hint: maybe those responsible for predatory lending, robo-signing, profiting off toxic mortgages, the list goes on) empty homes are a serious problem for communities across the country. In Jamaica, Queens, vacant and foreclosed properties are, in the words of the commanding officer of the 113th Precinct, ‘a magnet for criminal activity.’

Elsewhere, squatters have taken over entire neighborhoods in Florida, and the sheer number of foreclosed homes making their way through the court system have given affected families more time. The federal government has looked into allowing homeowners to rent their foreclosed homes, but no plan has been finalized.…”

“…vacant and foreclosed properties … ‘a magnet for criminal activity.’”

Yep, that sounds about right.  OWS thugs will be right at home.

Reality check:  The truth behind these Communists entitlement minded thugs commandeering property in communities such as East New York; one of the poorest neighborhoods in NYC has practically nothing to do with providing homes for the homeless or the fact that the homes are foreclosed.

It has everything to do with deceiving and manipulating the Black and Latino communities into becoming willing puppets aka useful idiots to an oppressive agenda.

Said agenda will not deliver nothing but main and more suffering to all.  Instead, it will guarantee the further enslavement and destruction of the illiterate and poverty-stricken and the community in which they reside courtesy of their so-called community organizers and leaders who have earned their pot of gold by selling the communities they claim to represent down the road to serfdom.

Marxists are desperate to (i) find places to squat for the winter out of the cold while fine-tuning their 2012 agenda of chaos and class warfare and (ii) to bring the Black community into the fold.  So they set up shop under false pretenses in East New York with an agenda is to mislead Blacks and Latinos (or so they hope) into believing that OWS is their friends.

As the saying goes, and this too shall fail.”  The people living in East New York are poor not blind and definitely not stupid.

It is, however, safe to say that the odds are that the many of the properties in East New York in which they plan to squat for the winter has more than likely been rendered unlivable.

Many may have already been condemned if for no other reason than the fact that thieves, former homeowners and tenants have already gutted the empty homes.

It is clear that before moving into just any building in East New York that the occupiers invaders squatters trespassers did their homework.  They did not choose just any building in which to squat invade occupy trespass.

On the other hand, the invaders can re up on their drugs.

Just keeping it real here.

Finally, out of curiosity, I perused the internet for information on squatters’ rights.  Clearly, the left all but perfected the commandeering of private property, in this instance, NYC.


2. Finding a Building and Investigating It (excerpt)

“…It’s worth knowing whether a building is still privately owned or has been taken over by the city government. If the owner of a building shows up and wants you out, it is easier for him to get you evicted than it is for the city to get you out of one of their buildings.

Also, if it ever gets to the point that you want to hold on to the building you have squatted and stay there over a long term, it is possible to do so with city-owned buildings, but practically impossible with privately-owned buildings…

… Have a look at the exterior walls of the building you’re researching. You may have to wait until you’ve gotten inside before you can get to the back of the building, but what you need to look at is the same. Are there major holes in the masonry? If they can’t be filled or covered, they might be significant structural defects. Are there signs of bulging or sagging? Are there wide gaps where the mortar joints should be? If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, find another building to squat.…”

The booklet goes on to give the squatter trespasser the who, what, where and why of being a successful and happy-go-lucky squatter.

Clearly, it takes a lot of energy to manipulate, wheel, deal and steal.