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Ruth Sherman, 88, says she was violated at a Kennedy Airport security checkpoint. "I felt like I was invaded," she told WCBS in an interview. Photograph courtesy of WCBS/NYDN.

Ruth Sherman, 88, says she was violated at a Kennedy Airport security checkpoint. "I felt like I was invaded," she told WCBS in an interview. Photograph courtesy of WCBS/NYDN.


“A second elderly woman claims she was humiliated in a strip-search by Transportation Security Administration agents at Kennedy Airport.

Ruth Sherman, 88, told the Daily News on Monday that she felt “degraded” after screeners at the JetBlue terminal took her to a private area to check the bulge from her colostomy bag.

‘They made me pulled down my sweatpants and my underwear,’ the Sunrise, Fla., widow said.

‘I couldn’t believe it. I said, as a joke, ‘I don’t have a bomb in there.’

Sherman said the agents let her pull down the clothing herself, but the experience left her shaken.

‘I went on the flight and my eyes were crying all the time,’ she said. ‘I was degraded…’”


Ruth Sherman is the second senior citizen, female, to complain that the TSA at JFK Airport assaulted her fourth amendment rights, denigrating and humiliating her person in a matter of days.

A few days ago, Lenore Zimmerman registered the same complaint against the TSA, i.e., that she was strip-searched by the TSA at JFK Airport.

Issuing an apology to Zimmerman, the TSA also denied that Zimmerman was strip-searched stating that any invasive procedures forced to endure by Zimmerman was in accordance with TSA guidelines.

Is that dismissive enough for you?

Am I wrong to have the impression that the TSA’s response to Zimmerman’s claims was more of a “Who are you going to believe, the TSA or the rantings an 85 year old woman?” 

Am I wrong to feel that the TSA stopped just short of saying that such claims by the elderly should not be taken seriously?

Their response is business as usual when it comes to anyone in the Obama administration being called out for infringing upon the liberties of Americans.

So how ironic is that not even 24 hours later another senior citizen, female, has come forward with the exact same claims.

Coincidence?  I think not.

In their heads?  I think not.

Someone is abusing and taking advantage of our senior citizens and it so happens that the freak(s)   predator(s)  are TSA employees  stationed at JFK Airport, among other locations.

Talk about the perfect job and workplace for a sexual predator.  Take note America.  JFK Airport is not the only location where these sexual assaults are occurring.

The enhanced body pat downs and full body scanners are offensive, unconstitutional, invasive and traumatic as intended to be.  The intention of these invasive procedures has nothing to do with thwarting terrorism.

Its purpose is to denigrate, humiliate, intimidate and to oppress Americans thereby breaking crushing our spirit one by one.

Furthermore, these procedures provide sexual predators under the employ of the TSA with an open platform to openly rape and molest innocent men, women and children in the light of day and with the blessings of a Marxist government.

Back in the 80’s there was a song out by the group, Whodini, called The Freaks Come Out at Night.  With the TSA, the the freak(s)   predator(s)  are out all of the time and all over the place.

Seriously, this is not a song, a dance or a joke.

Wake up America.  These procedures are unconstitutional and unacceptable and Americans should not be sitting back like a bunch of sheep and allowing these injustices to occur time after time after time.