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In retribution to the Richmond Tea Party having filed a complaint regarding the preferential treatment extended to Occupy Richmond by the City of Richmond, Virginia,  the City of Virginia is now demanding an audit of the Richmond Tea Party.

Just received the following email from Judson Phillips, Tea Party Nation.


“The Richmond Tea Party held three Tea Party rallies at Kanawha Plaza, for which they were charged $10,000 by the City of Richmond.   Recently as the Occupy mob sprang up, the City of Richmond allowed them the use of the park at no charge.  Mayor Dwight Jones of Richmond is a liberal Democrat, who even visited the Occupy Mob, encouraging them.When the Richmond Tea Party got word that the Occcupy mob was being allowed to stay in Kanawha Plaza without charge, they demanded a refund of the $10,000 they paid.The response?   The City is auditing them….”





Besides being an outrage, this is a declaration of war on the right by Progressives.  The agenda is to destroy the Tea Party while silencing ALL voices of opposition.

Do not allow these Marxists to get away with the injustice.  Please make your voices heard America by contacting the following individuals:

(i)     Mayor Dwight C. Jones

Office of the Mayor

900 East Broad St

Suite 201

Richmond, VA 23219

Telephone number (804) 646-7970.

Call his office and demand this outrage stop today. 

(ii)     Ken Cuccinelli, Attorney General

Office of the Attorney General

900 East Broad St

Suite 201

Richmond, VA 23219

Telephone:  (804) 786-2071

Twitter:  @KenCuccinelli

Call Cuccinelli’s office and ask them to open an investigation into the blantant violation of the civil rights of the Richmond Tea Party and its members. 


“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold

is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

 Thomas Jefferson

Please spread the word of this injustice with everyone patriots and ask that they pass news of the injustice on as well.  Let’s make this go viral.  Let’s right the wrongs.