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Photograph Courtesy of Kerry Wills for New York Daily News

Photograph Courtesy of Kerry Wills for New York Daily News


“Hundreds of helmeted, baton-wielding police officers flooded Zuccotti Park in an under-cover-of-dark showdown early Tuesday, ripping down protesters’ tents and ordering them to get out or face arrest.

Police surrounded the park around 1 AM and read a notice over a bullhorn telling the Occupy Wall St. protesters that sanitation trucks would be removing tents and other property from the site.

Protesters could return after the cleanout, cops said.

‘If you fail to immediately leave the park, you will be subject to arrest,’ the notice read.

But the protesters were defiant, chanting: ‘Who’s park? Our park! No retreat. No surrender!’  As of 3 AM there was a standoff between cops and protesters who formed a human chain, sitting down and locking arms, and began reciting the First Amendment….

Police began tearing up the tents wholesale by about 1:45 a.m. after throwing press out of the park and corralling the protesters in the center of the park near the area they have been using as their kitchen.  ‘The police have us surrounded,’ Tyrone Greenfield, 23, of Brooklyn, said as sanitation workers tossed tents into dumpsters. ‘I don’t know what’s gonna happen….”


Hundreds of helmeted, baton-wielding police officers flooded Zuccotti Park…”

The New York Daily News much like the rest of the lame stream media has a tendency to taint reality.

Approximately 400 police officers converged upon the squatters to evict them from Zuccotti Park while clearing the commune of tents and other debris that has accumulated in the past two months.  Police warned the squatters via bullhorn of what was about to take place and squatters returned the favor by tweeting out alerts to fellow anarchists.


“…New York City police and sanitation workers swept in and cleared out the tents inside Zuccotti Park during an unannounced raid on the Occupy Wall Street encampment Tuesday morning, with dozens of protesters refusing to leave in the face of arrest….

…Stephen Webber, 44, said he was first alerted to the police raid at 1:04 a.m. through the protesters’ text-message system. A second message sent 27 minutes later asked supporters to rush to the park because an eviction was in progress….

…A large group of people who were alerted to the police action by text messages gathered at the corner of Broadway and Dey Street. Police dressed in helmets with face shields and armed with batons and shields formed a line and held protesters there…”


Re the above video, OWS squatters are such drama queens.  There is no violence in the above video.  NYPD is merely doing their job but, of course, we can expect to hear otherwise.

It is about damned time that Michael Bloomberg got off of his Commie a** and evicted the Marxofascist trash from Zuccotti Park.

Can it be that Bloomberg looked like a chump as mayors in other cities across the United States were taking a stand against the violent, drug-fueled, free-loading squatters or was it their promise to turn the lives of honest and hard-working New Yorkers attempting to get to their jobs a living hell this Thursday morning along with their threat to bring rush hour and Wall Street to a complete halt?

Rudolph Giuliani would never have allowed this chaos to get so far.