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God bless America, Sheriff House and Congressman Pearce. This is proof that if we keep big government out of it and let the people handle their business that it will get done SOONER RATHER THAN NEVER.


“A decade ago, after the 2000 Los Alamos wildfire caused severe economic and social repercussions to the state of New Mexico, the state legislature, citing ‘continuing federal inaction to reduce the fuel buildup of wilderness areas, thus placing the lives and property of the citizens of New Mexico at risk from uncontrollable but preventable wildfires’, overwhelmingly approved a bill known simply as SB-1, which exerted local sovereignty over public lands. It was subsequently signed into law by former governor Gary Johnson….

…For the next ten years the law sat on the shelf untested, until the Wallow and Las Conchas wildfires wreaked havoc throughout the state in 2011…. Eventually it became apparent the feds were going to offer up nothing more than bureaucratic lip service.
Fed up and feeling under the gun to make something happen before it was too late, the county declared a state of emergency and the Board of Otero County Commissioners, with Ronnie Rardin as chairman, drafted the Emergency Forest Management Plan. On September 9, 2011, a public hearing was held and approval was acquired to put the plan into effect….”