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“This is an important story my friends. Mr. Donofrio has been covering this story for sometime. Whether you have an opinion about the validity of Barack Obama’s eligibility or not, the documentation that he provides in regard the Justia changing and altering records is stunning. It doesn’t matter whether they did this to help Mr. Obama or to help Mr. McCain, who also had questions raised about his eligibility, is beside the point. The point that someone who represents Justice would manipulate the facts in order to obtain a result that is favorable to them, is frightening. What other situations have they done this in? Is this the first time they have manipulated data? How can we trust the facts that they have represented previously? Have people lost their right to appeal based on what results they have gotten from Justia? This is anarchy and lawlessness on the part of the very system that purports to represent truth and justice. From the response by the CEO of this organization, you have to wonder if this is fraud from the very top.

‘JustiaGate: CEO Tim Stanley Claims Innocense After Blocking Access To Wayback Machine Snapshots Of All Supreme Court Cases Published By Justia

by Leo Donofrio, Esq.

Yesterday, in a stunning development, Justia CEO Tim Stanley blocked Wayback Machine access to all US Supreme Court cases published by Justia.com.  This is the epitome – the textbook definition even – of hypocrisy.…”

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Transparency is a myth America and as it turns out, freedom of information is selective.



Nothing is, as it seems America.  We are being made fools of, lied to, betrayed, denied and manipulated.

When will it be enough?  The offenders, all of them, must be called out, exposed and held accountable.