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The confrontation came hours after Oakland’s police evicted squatters from their Occupy Oakland communes in which 97 squatters were arrested.  Police repeatedly warned demonstrators blocking the entrance to Frank Ogawa Plaza to disperse.

Refusing to heed the warnings, the anarchists threw turquoise and red paint at the faces and helmets of the officers, rocks, insults and chanted this is why we call you pigs.”       

Attacked: A policeman is hit in the neck with red paint after the protest turned angry when the encampment was cleared and arrests made Photograph courtesy of Reuters via The Daily Mail.co.uk.

UPDATE 4 – Smashing a police car (hat tip: San Francisco Chronicle reporter Matthai Kuruvila). Image courtesy of Big Government.

UPDATE 4 – Smashing a police car (hat tip: San Francisco Chronicle reporter Matthai Kuruvila). Image courtesy of Big Government.

Situation out of hand police began firing flash-bang grenades, tear gas canisters and rubber bullets into the crowd.

In the following video“…Police warn protesters to disperse from ‘unlawful assembly,’ give four-minute warning before use of tear gas…”  ZOMBIE (PJ MEDIA)

The response, “SO WHAT, WHO THE F*** ARE YOU”, yada, yada, yada and so it begins…

As you can see, instead of walking away from trouble, the useful idiots turned back and from there, it went downhill and fast.

ZOMBIE (PJ MEDIA) has plenty of video footage pertaining to the riot last night in Oakland.

ZOMBIE refers us over to VERUM SERUM who has no shortage of footage of events that took place earlier in the day.

“…Here’s video of the same scene (or a moment later) at street level. As you can see, protesters threw paint bombs and cursed at Oakland PD:…”

Union and Community Organizing Tactics Gone Wild aka Barack Obama’s gift to America     

Heavy-handed tactics: A woman in a wheelchair covers her mouth after police in Oakland, California released tear gas to disperse Occupy Wall Street protesters.  Photograph courtesy of AP via The Daily Mail.co.uk.


“…Police had announced over a loudspeaker that those who refused to leave could be targeted by ‘chemical agents’. One woman in a wheelchair, who was struggling to breathe, had to be helped away by friends while another woman, hit by a canister, was carried off.

Jerry Smith, 35, said a tear gas canister had rolled to his feet and sprayed him directly in the face.

Mr Smith said: ‘I got the feeling they meant business, but people were not going to be intimidated. We can do this peacefully, but still not back down….”

Peacefully?  Peace is not the intent of anarchists.  Who are they kidding?

What are the odds that the wheel chair bound woman in the above photograph was strategically planted into such a volatile environment?  You can just imagine how Marxist agitators are going to play this one up.

Said tactic would have worked sixty years ago.  Today, I do not think so.  No mercy here.

Regardless of how the Progressive lame stream media, politicians and agitators play it, it remains abundantly clear that law enforcement was under threat.

H/t The Blaze.

P.S.:  Still think Glenn Beck is delusional and paranoid, Geraldo?

Source:  UPDATED – VIDEO: Thugs Surround Cops, Hurl Paint Bombs as #OccupyOakland Activists Attack Police

SF Gate

Zombie (Rioting in Downtown Oakland as Occupiers Clash with Police)

VERUM SERUM (Amazing Videos Show Oakland Street Battle Between Protesters, Police)

***P.S.  Our friend, Grumpy Elder, has posted a livestream in his sidebar of the Oakland riot.  Feel free to stop over and share your views.