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Just received the following email from our friend and nightmare to Progressives, James O’Keefe.  O’Keefe is the gentleman who exposed ACORN, PLANNED PARENTHOOD and NPR, to name a few.

O’Keefe’s latest expose, ‘To Catch a Journalist,’ is bound to make the Progressive Propaganda machine aka the lame strea media and the White House uncomfortable as he touches upon the length to which Progressives will go to cover up reports not to their liking.


Project Veritas’ latest investigation is aptly titled,To Catch a Journalist.’

Over the past several weeks, our citizen journalists have interviewed the so-called ‘media elite’ and the people they walk with.

‘To Catch a Journalist Part One’ is sure to make waves as we call into question the reporters behind the headlines.

First up is the Huffington Post and their White House Correspondent, Sam Stein.

Just days ago in response to a Project Veritas investigation, Stein reported in defense of what he described as a ‘den for unbending liberals’ — the Economic Policy Institute (EPI).

Our investigation (that Stein attempted to pro-actively undermine) found a Rutgers University professor and author at EPI willing to fully admit that when an EPI study ended with results contrary to their agenda, ‘they pay for it and THEY KILL IT.’

Coincidentally, while Stein had been investigating Project Veritas’ work, our team had been investigating him as part of our ‘To Catch a Journalist’ series.

Watch the results here.

And stay tuned for more releases this week.

Yours for Truth,

James O’Keefe

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