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OCCUPY OAKLAND: Squatters Infringe Upon Rights…, posted with vodpod

Clearly, these freeloading Marxists are not going to go quietly but that is no excuse to allow them to stay in place trampling upon the liberties of others for their own selfish game.

It is clear that the invaders are being manipulated but what if through the vile acts of the their own the squatters have become their own worst enemy thus giving the Marxists running this charade an excuse?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

As indicated above, when the time comes for the to vacate their shanty towns tent cities, they will not go quietly.

What is the likelihood that all of this is being set up to usher the nation as a whole into a police state and these self-anointed know-it-alls marching for a Communist state are the unknowing accomplices of the New World Order?

In other words, they are being guided down the road to serfdom by the pied piper and a-happy-they-will-go.