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OCCUPY WALL STREET – Another Anti-Semitic Squat…, posted with vodpod


Let us not forget the video that I posted earlier this week:

GBTV interviews Mr. Cookoo for Coco Puffs.


Yeshiva World News, an Orthodox Jewish news outlet, explained in an editorial Thursday that ‘many Jews’ are feeling a bit uncomfortable with the growing protests because of hateful video footage claiming the U.S. economy is organized for the benefit of Jews.

‘The reasons for these ‘uncomfortable feelings’ don’t need to be elaborated on this page,’ the editorial reads. “Suffice to say that Jews have been blamed for the world’s troubles for thousands of years, and many are nervous that this finger-pointing will soon start — or , maybe it already has…..’

…According to Lubavitch News Service, some of the activists have identified anti-Semitic rhetoric mong their ranks and are working do dispel it. Daniel Sieradski is one protester who has taken it upon himself to fight against the “small, fringe element that has ‘chosen to co-opt the protests as an opportunity’ to spread hatred and anti-Semitic rhetoric, among participants,” the news service reports….”

You can count on the lame stream media reporting NONE of this.