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Herman Cain Compared To Boondocks Character Unc…, posted with vodpod


Herman Cain is dead on and Progressives can’t handle Cain or the truth.  Suddenly they want to tell the man what he can and cannot discuss.

Can it be that the OVERSEERS and their Progressive masters would rather keep the nation’s dirty secret under wraps?  

Indeed, such as the fact that Black folks are indoctrinated from birth and trained to vote Democrat and to count on government dependency.  Everyone knows it, we are just not supposed to talk about it.

Well Herman Cain dared to speak of it and as you can see, has made Progressives so uncomfortable with the truth that the Black leaders mouthpieces overseers are jumping through hoops to shove the horse back into the barn.

This is one of those dirty secrets that the Black community would prefer kept in the closet to present a united front as it is seen by many as the equivalent to putting one’s family business out into the streets.

After all, the likes of Sharpton, Jackson,  Obama, Waters and Clyburn have ordained that the Black community MUST put on a united front even when all hell is breaking loose.   

As for the Boondocks caricature, now that is both racist and offensive but not surprising as another overseer comes forward to do the bidding of his Progressive master.

The caricature is in extremely bad taste, rancorous and proof that free speech is often frowned upon by some in the Black community.  Moreover, it is intended to (i) humiliate and punish Herman Cain for not staying in line; and (ii) label Cain in the Black Community by besmirching the man’s good name and brand.

Such attacks are common and yet another dirty secret that has been exposed by nefarious characters in the Black Community seeking to punish any Black person refusing to live on the plantation.



Progressives are so desperate to contain the discussion that they have tipped over their can of worms.