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“Most city workers spend decades in public service to build up modest pensions. But for former labor leader Dennis Gannon, the keys to securing a public pension were one day on the city payroll and some help from the Daley administration.

And his city pension is more than modest. It’s the highest of any retired union leader: $158,000. That’s roughly five times greater than what the typical retired city worker receives…

 Gannon’s inflated pension is a prime example of how government officials and labor leaders have manipulated city pension funds at the expense of union workers and taxpayers. Like other labor leaders, he was able to take a long leave from a city job to work for a union and then receive a city pension based on a high union salary,

But in a new twist, a Tribune/WGN-TV investigation has found that Gannon is eligible for the lucrative pension deal only because City Hall rehired the former Streets and Sanitation Department worker for a single day in 1994, then granted him an indefinite leave of absence.….”

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Am I am the only one bowled over by those who demand the  immediate fleecing of anyone that Barack Obama has labeled rich and the dearth condemnation of union thugs purloining the pockets of taxpayers bone dry?

Is it not more rationale to go after those responsible for the loss of thousands of job brought about by their self-serving agenda than those who actually create job opportunities?

That being said, what about calling out greedy union thugs leaders and the membership over pension plans that put states in the red, not to mention the taxes increases that comes with burdensome pension plans?

Yet the same people willing to steal from hard-working Americans who happen to have more than they do remain silent as those who play for the same team commit fraudulent acts against the citizenry that borders on grand larceny.