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“…But if the images weren’t surprising enough, how about the narration (which is a recitation of parts of Charles Bukowski’s poem, The Laughing Heart)?

‘Your life is your life. Don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission. Be on the watch. There are ways out. The gods will offer you chances. Know them. Take them. Your life is your life. Know it while you have it. You are marvelous. The gods wait to delight in you.’

And all that while showing scenes of rioting. Is it not obvious what message the ad is sending?”




USA Version:


UK BANNED Version:

00:36 “You can’t beat death but you can beat death in life…sometimes..”

00:48 “You are martyrs, the Gods wait to delight in you.”

Is Levi’s promoting Satanism.  At the beginning of both videos, one sees a fallen angel aka black angel, the angel of despair, thus representing Satan and evil but then Progressives have willingly accepted evil.  These video are offensive in every way.

No wonder the UK banned this ad. Levi Jeans is openly condoning chaos, riots, anarchy, economic and global collapse.

How ironic it is that just a month ago, Levi’s postponed the release of the video in the UK for fear of causing more riots, yet they aired the American version during a football game in the United States the other night at the same moment Progressives converged upon Wall Street looking for an opportunity to create chaos?


“…A spokesman for Levi Strauss said the company had ‘temporarily postponed’ the advertising campaign, but it will still run in other countries.

‘We are deeply disheartened about the unprecedented events taking place in the UK at the moment and which have impacted communities across the country,” he said. “While ‘Go Forth’ is about embodying the energy and events of our time, it is not about any specific movement or political theme; rather, it’s about optimism, positive action and a pioneering spirit. Out of sensitivity for what is happening in the UK, we have temporarily postponed our cinema and Facebook spots in the country….”

Yeah, right.  Levi’s would have done better pleading temporary insanity.

“…chief marketing officer Rebecca Van Dyck said: ‘Now, more than ever, the world needs inspiration. The world needs people with a pioneering spirit who still believe that anything is possible. Our 60-second ‘Go Forth’ film and digital engagement programme recognise people around the globe who are stepping forward to transform the world…”



Maybe it is just regional, but most of the people I know stopped wearing Levi’s decades ago.

Please tell me that our young people are not that stupid to fall for this propaganda.

I stand with Glenn Beck on this one.

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