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Egyptian and American journalists found themselves under attack at last Friday’s riots that took place in Egypt in front of the Israeli Embassy when Islamic thugs turned on the journalists.  H/t Gateway Pundit.

“They were animals,” said Dina Amer, a woman member of another American crew.  Just what did these Islamic loving socialists expect?


“CNN journalists described the Friday mob that attacked them during the riot at the Israeli embassy as ‘animals.’ One other journalist was called a spy and was almost raped.

The worldwide news site reported a scene that brought back ugly memories of the gang rape of CBS reporter Lara Logan earlier this year during the Arab spring uprising against the Mubarak regime.

CNN reported that one person in the mob on Friday called Dina Amer, a woman member of another American crew, ‘a spy.’ A  CNN producer who is an Egyptian approached to rescue the woman from the rioters, but ‘the mob overwhelmed the pair,’ the network reported.

‘I was thinking, how powerless I was because there was no police to save us,’ said the producer, Mohammed Fadel Fahmy. ‘I was worried that they were going to rape her.…”



Nothing says love for a bunch of socialists like their car being stoned by the Islamic fanatics whom they adore so much.

Let that be a lesson to the jacka** liberals at CNN.