Our friend and fellow patriot, Grumpy Elder and I have been communicating back and forth over his new site.  Grumpy’s site is up, running and looking good.

Below is the latest email received from Grumpy pertaining to his site.  I thought it worth sharing just as Grumpy’s new site is worth checking out.  You will not be disappointed.

“Some of you know this already, for those that don’t, Grumpy is in the process of moving to a larger and more reader friendly home..  The new site is designed to make easy to find the articles you want to read, without have to spend time scrolling past things you might not find so interesting.. 

This morning, at a glance you can click on blogs by people you know;  Moos, Bee Sting and myself, as well as material from people you might not know:  Puma, Bob Mack, Melody Kite and Randy Nye..   

Near the bottom of the page you’ll find a video bar, click the title underneath and you’ll be able to watch the video and leave a comment.. at the moment there are 8 video’s on the bar, several I put up this morning.”