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“Like you, I’m pretty happy about Katt Williams bushin’ up his tail on a heckler who tried to dis’ America. By telling a Mexican patriot “to go live in Mexico if he thinks it’s better than living in America,” Williams ran the risk of being labeled a sell-out by displaying his patriotism in this PC culture. Yep, Williams pretty much used his microphone as a club, and went to work on this heckler like he was a piñata:


What Katt Williams said to the heckler wasn’t racist, it was long overdue. Sure I’ve been saying the same and I’m sure you have, as well. But it’s nice to hear it coming from someone who has a platform like Williams does…”


Clearly Barack Obama would not be thrilled over Mr. Williams nailing Obama’s future voting block to the wall as he did.  Nevertheless, I commend Williams for daring to put it out there.

Far to many people are crossing our borders, taking advantage of our generosity while espousing their disdain for this great country.

Like the man said, if you don’t like it here, go back to Mexico.  After all, it’s not even racial.

P.S.  The lame stream media made much ado about Williams’ pro-American stance and for the man standing up for his country by accusing Williams of being anti-Mexican aka racist.

While I do not agree with everything Williams states in the following video, I do acknowledge the man’s right to express himself and to set the record straight, which he does in spite of the CNN interviewer’s unsuccessful attempt to twist the facts and ring an apology out of the man.

Leave it to the lame stream media to try to make it something it is not.