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Thought I would share with you an email received the other day from a former co-worker who in 2008 voted for Barack Obama but is now experiencing buyer’s remorse.  She asked my opinion of an email received from a die-hard Obama supporter/Democrat/Black American.

“Date: Monday, August 15, 2011, 11:51 AM

WATCH THE VIDEO {especially all u folks still supporting donald trump ventures/show. . .  NOUGH SAID!!

Subject: Attack Dawg commented on the group “I am still supporting President Obama” on Mingle City
Attack Dawg commented on Obama-Tags.com  / Greek-Tags.com Car Emblems’s group “I am still supporting President Obama” on Mingle City
Freeze, this is the precise reason why our President has and always should’ve played rough regarding his presidency. I’d rather he be a one term president for kicking the Rethuglicans in the balls than soft soaping it with bi-partisian diplomacy that doesn’t matter with those racist bastards anyway. I knew Trump was at the very least a Bigot way back in his 2nd season of The Apprentice when the obvious winner turned out to be a black man named Randall Pinkett. Pinkett performed his task with his team mtes perfectly with a grasp on each assignment- hands down he won over a caucasian woman. At the end of the compettition when Trump was to make Pinkett the winner Trump insinuated he should share the winning title with the caucasian woman. After that, I no longer watched the show and Trump went on my RR which is Racist Radar. 
This is how Trump and many others feel about our President.  Watch the viedo for it stands on its own. Their’s a lot to be said and a lot of work to be done to get Our President elected again.



“The video is B.S. #1, MSNBC’s Jeffrey Immelt is also the CEO of GE and Obama’s jobs czar who closed the last GE plant that made incandescent light bulbs in this country and moved the plant to China after receiving billions in government funding. [Immelt is still moving jobs to China.]

# 2, this video is about using the race card to muddy the waters.

#3, you can’t get a job in McDonald’s without producing an original certified birth certificate anywhere in this country so why is this thug so special?

#4, Obama only produced his b.c. after Trump made a huge brouhaha about it.

#5, I downloaded that birth certificate which looks quite honestly FAKE.

#6, The video is Progressive propaganda.

#7, Whenever Obama is challenged, the race card is thrown into play and most of the time it is used to cover this criminal activity and constitutional violations.

#8, It has always been the opinion of the Black community that MSNBC is the most racist news outlet out there.  How hypocritical is it that many in the Black community now get their news from MSNBC?  

Personally, it pisses me off that Black folks have suddenly forgotten all the b.s. that was reported and purported by the same media outlet that (i) kisses Obama a$$ today; and (ii) pretending to suddenly love Black people.  For Progressives, we are just a means to their end.

#9, This smear job against Donald Trump was orchestrated months ago by Moveon.org (Color of Change) as a punishment to Trump for daring to exercise free speech. (See Progressives Manipulate Blacks in War against Trump).

You see a funny thing happened after Obama was inaugurated, Progressives felt free to show their stripes.  Feeling empowered, they now engage in a full-scale war against ANYONE who uses their Constitutional rights to speak out against tyranny and oppression.

The politicians in socialist a$$ New York got their dander up and since the man (Trump) has so much money, Progressives, correction Communists decided that they wanted to get a piece of Trump’s $$$.  After all, that is the way they work.  It is not really about righting the wrongs or justice but about power and relinquishing the opposition of their finances while shutting them down.

#10, I don’t like Trump but I must call it as I see it.

#11, The same people running around making these accusations are mighty quiet over the fact that Black America is suffering trifold under an Obama agenda.  See article at bottom of email.

#12, Black folks love Obama so much that they have forsaken their God AND their soul. (Sorry, just how I see it.)  They are so mesmerized by this mere human that they now turn on each other should one have the audacity to utter the fact that the Obamanation is only a man, a very inept one at that.

Last week Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West chartered a bus and went on a poverty tour around the country.  Obama puppets rather than face the truth, are now coining Smiley and West “traitors”, “uncle toms“, “tea baggers. Wtf????  Are you kidding me?  Are these people so blind and that damned stupid??

The propaganda as handed down from the Obama administration in the White House was that these two Black men had to pay the price for speaking up against the One and so, Black radio stations, news media outlets did the dirty work while White stations and media outlets kept mum.

And just in case Black folks can’t do the math, everything reported by ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and the radio is nothing more than propaganda as dictated by The White House.

#13, Members of the Congressional Black Caucus and Hispanic Caucus belong to the Communist Party and guess what, Communism will not only be bad for the country but hell on wheels for Black people.  In spite of these revelations, a silent Black Community has not called one of these overseers out.

That being said, Black folks who want to give Obama another four years are clueless to the fact that another four years under The Anointed One and the Black Community will never come back.

Finally, should this Marxist get re-elected and a Communist society implemented, I want to know how all those Black folks who believe that their messiah walks on water will feel because their life is going to be a real nightmare.”

To bring my message home, I attached an article entitled, ‘State of Black America’ no better under Obama.