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Simply put, I am sick of the loss of American lives. In addition, the USA is no longer the rich nation that we once were.  We could barely pay our bills, let alone rebuild other nations. Bring our money and our men and women home NOW.

Following 9/11 the United States needed to wipe out the Taliban and Al Qaeda.  I’ve  never questioned that. But the months turned into years, the millions turned into trillions and the sacrifices of the bravest among us, our military and their families, continue to mount.   All the while the US  mission in Afghanistan and much of the Middle East has morphed into something very different from just wiping out the bad guys. Now, we’re nation building … Read More

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Moreover, the Afghani children are taught to hate us, disrespect us and to kill us simply because we are not Muslim.  To hell with that.  Let us get out of Afghanistan.  We owe these people nothing.