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This weekend I received the following email from my friend and fellow patriot Grumpy Elder.  Indeed, it is worth sharing.

“One of the big concerns I’ve had over Obama’s Education agenda has been the data mining of kids for so called longitudinal studies… the studies cover will cover ever demographic you can imagine, and a few you can’t…..

Several states have (including Fla) have signed on already.. Fla sold our kids personal data to Washington.  Under Obama’s Education Reform agenda it will become madatory. Yeasterday we found out North Carolina State University “accidently” published the Names, Social Security Nubers and Date of Birth of 1800 elementay school kids on line..

Sandra and I both blogged about it 


It’s underneath a post titled He did Not, From Fishy…It I can figure out how to make it fit, that and one I haven’t published yet from Alphamom are going in the side bar


Here you’ll find The NCSU Incident below a post  that might brung back memories for the very old enough to remember 1952 cartoons and  lucky enough to have had a TV back then.—- (think that lets out everyone except Jim, Bud and myself, Jim was in Kansas, so I’m not sure if they even had electricity yet)”