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“Whenever someone uses the term “slavery,” you can almost hear Lefties’ heads exploding–they get so apopaleptic. Immediately, they go into a frenzy, break open their Alinsky manuals, and attempt to ridicule the person making the point.

An example of this occurred just yesterday, when Sen. Rand Paul [R-KY] stated that those who believe that health care is a “right” believe in slavery. Yep. He used the dreaded ‘S’ word and, predictably, the whacky Left went bonkers.

Of course, his comments come on the heels of Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders [I-VT] introducing a bill in the Senate for socialized medicine….”

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You can bet that this dose of reality does not sit well with Progressives who are now referring to Rand Paul as the “dumbest senator.”  It is just like the left to revert to name-calling and ridicule because they are unable to handle the truth and/or lacking a sensible line of reasoning.