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I have a problem with virtual learning or digital learning as some may call it.  Call me old school but I believe in smaller classrooms and children receiving the special attention they need.

Moreover, whenever I hear the phrase virtual education, I think of the following commercial:

I have had the discussion of virtual education and the need for fewer teachers with a neighbor and several of her co-workers, all of whom are unionized public school teachers and they do not see this happening.  In fact, they are beyond confident that their unions will protect them from the threat of job loss that can and will come about from virtual education.

In essence, they see virtual education going nowhere.  Try as I might to convince them otherwise, I have failed so I guess that they will just have to wait for the pink slip that will eventually smack them into reality.

It is my opinion that virtual education, national standards and testing, the federal government overseeing the education of our students will diminish the power of states and localities over their schools.

As such, our children will become the losers in this political exercise.  The only winners under virtual learning are mega corporations such as that of Bill Gates and greedy politicians.

Why the media is not reporting this is anyone’s guess.  Their failure to report on the ploys of the federal government and the passage of such legislation undermines the future of schools and the children who attend them.


“Late Monday, I noticed that the House ditched its version of so-called digital learning and voted on a new bill that matched the Senate version. Last week I read the 50 plus page Senate bill and called my legislator to voice my concerns. The entire Brevard delegation supported the bill. As written, the bill opens the door for outsourcing virtual charters. The requirements for teachers include a type of certification for individuals who may live outside the United States, but no Florida teacher certification requirements are needed.

These virtual charters do not require a physical presence in Florida; however, all who offer services must be approved by the Florida Department of Education. This bill is also an unfunded mandate requiring school districts to provide access for those who do not have the proper equipment and internet access. The bill was introduced by Florida Senator Anitere Flores, who is listed as a member of the digital learning committee on the education foundation established by former Governor Jeb Bush….”

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So how do you like the idea of virtual education, the elimination of teachers in our public schools (most of them anyway) and outsourcing the rest to teachers  across the ocean?

What better way to usher in Communism and further indoctrinate young America.

As for the nation’s unionized teachers who simply do not believe that this is possible, as I informed my neighbor and her fellow teachers, they are being betrayed. There is absolutely no way that the teacher’s union is in the dark about this.

No doubt if this travesty is allowed to come to pass, reality is going to hurt more than just our children.

I pray that SandraInBrevard gets her much needed rest and returns to us soon.  Her voice is one that the country needs to hear.

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