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So will Obamabots, the walking dead awaken once Progressives launch a full campaign to separate them from their Newports?

For desired results, nudge the sheep along.  Photo courtesy PDPhoto.org

For desired results, simply nudge the sheep along. Photo courtesy PDPhoto.org

Is that it? Will it take a nudge that is so personal and insulting for moonbats to realize that they are supporting an administration hell bent upon eradicating all liberties known to Americans?

Senator Droopy Dick Blumenthal (D-Conn) wants the FDA to ban menthol flavored cigarettes. Why? Because flavored cigarettes are more attractive to kids. I wish these people would just go away and leave me the hell alone!!!!! Every time I turn around it’s one more thing these do-gooders are up to and every thing they do, removes one more of my rights. LaHood wants to put technology in our cars that will deactivate our cell phones when we are in the Read More

via Diary of a Mad Conservative