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While I am definitely NOT a Jon Stewart fan, I cannot help but bask in a river of vindication as I watch Stewart struggle to overcome his chronic heartburn brought about by this die-hard moonbats intemperance and endless ingestion of Obama’s thugocracy, fabricated lies, rhetoric and deception.


“Last week he hammered the president over the assertion that NATO would be taking over the war in Libya. This week, he‘s lampooning the president’s new campaign video and one of his biggest, broken campaign promises: transparency.

In the segment, Stewart is baffled by the ‘supporters’ used in the president’s new video. How’d we go from “yes we can” to ‘you know, whatever?’ he asks. He then quickly moves on to pointing out one of the most ironic news items of last week — that Obama received a transparency award in secret.

Watch the segment below:

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This is the price of selling one’s soul.

Teachable moment:  You are what you eat, Jon.