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In the 2010 Midterm Elections “We The People” fired Nancy Pelosi from her failed performance as House Speaker.

Now we take the next step by working to fire Barack Obama in the 2012 elections.  But in order to be successful we will have to build a massive campaign to ensure that in 2012 we are strong enough to “Defeat Barack Obama” and stop this nation’s slide towards socialism.

Please join the “Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama 2012”.

Where do I stand?

Well, I love my country and it tears me apart to see what Progressives have done and continue to do to our great nation.

Our country, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and those who will come after cannot suffer four more years of Obama’s thugocracy, despotism, perversion, and spending.  No one deserves another moment of Barack Obama, let alone four more years.

The USA needs a president that is strong enough to lead and passionate enough to reinstate the liberties and freedoms snatched from our grasp throughout Obama’s reign of tyranny.

Moreover, we need a leader that will not capitulate to union interests; Obama’s tyrannical mandates and legislation must be overturned.

I want my children’s children and so on to delight in the freedom, liberties, honor and love of country and God.  Nothing less will do.

We must reverse ALL of the damage done by Progressives as a whole.  Please sign and encourage your friends to sign this petition at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/1milliontodefeatbarackobama/