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Last night, I received Congressman West’s weekly wrap up and thought it worth sharing.

Dear Patriot,

Greetings to our Constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans.

Today( Monday): My first sponsored legislation submission, H.R. 1246, – to cut the Defense Printing Budget by 10 percent- came up for vote under Suspension of the Rule. I was on CSPAN approximately 1:30 pm.  And it passed unanimously!

Please watch my statement on the Floor of the House. 

Now on to the business of the past week:

Last Tuesday, the House approved H.R. 839 by a vote of 252-170. The bill would end the Home Affordable Modification Program and prevent $29.9B of TARP funding obligated to the Treasury Department from being spent on a program that has been singled out by the Special Inspector General for TARP, as well as the Congressional Oversight Panel, for a slow uptake.
The Treasury Department’s failure to set and monitor metrics for the program’s success has also been criticized. The program has fallen well short of the administration’s goal of helping 3-4 million struggling homeowners. 522,000 permanent modifications were in place to date under HAMP, costing taxpayers $840M.