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How is it that Progressives are always screaming about the Koch Brothers who by the way have broken no laws while at the same time ignoring the endless transgressions of the world’s most famous puppet master.

Fellow patriot and friend, Roxy aka Diary of a Mad Conservative wrote a rather telling  post yesterday about how Barack Obama’s benefactor, George Soros is purchasing grain elevators in Nebraska through a company, he owns called Gavilon.

There is a hell of a lot of manipulating going on and Americans, if not the world, have the right to know just how deeply Spooky Dude is embedding his interests throughout in preparation of the New World Order.

I urge you to read Roxy’s post and pass it on.  It is a worthy read.

My brother-in-law is a wheat farmer and reads websites daily about wheat prices, grain news and agri-business in general. He read a story last week, that he since can’t find and I can’t find when I googled it, which makes me wonder if the story was scrubbed, about George Soros purchasing grain elevators in Nebraska. These particular elevators are apparently the last stop before the wheat is shipped out of the county. Please read on. I did find so … Read More

via Diary of a Mad Conservative

P.S.:  As it turned out, after a lot of backtracking and research, I was able to locate the now scrubbed page that Roxy refers to in her post.

Link here.

I think that we would all agree that the Obama administration and thugocracy spends a lot of time scrubbing the internet.  It appears that they have plenty to hide.