Regardless of how big or how small they are, I detest bullies.  I look forward to one day, all bullies receiving exactly what they deserve.  The only difference is the severity of the justice delivered.

In the following video, we witness Casey Heynes (the bigger student) with his back against the wall being victimized by a smaller child (aka the bully).

The event took place in Australia on school grounds after school in the presence of witnesses who enjoyed watching the altercation.  Someone even videotaped the fight no doubt for the purpose of uploading on to YouTube.

You will note that the bully continuously taunts and punches Heynes until finally, Heynes loses it, reacts and BLAM!  BODYSLAM!!!  Fight over, little guy hurt bad.

In the end, even though Heynes was defending himself, it is Heynes who is suspended.  As for the bully, he receives no punishment unless you count the body slam.  Now how fair is that?

Source:  Fox Nation

Vodpod videos no longer available.