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Judson Phillips, Tea Party Nation

Tomorrow, March 14th, the House of Representatives is going to take up the continuing resolution that will keep the government running for three weeks.   Michele Bachmann and Steve King have been leading the fight to strip $105 billion from the bill.  This is the stealth funding of Obamacare that was inserted into a previous budget.

John Boehner and the House leadership have not stripped this out of the bill.

If this spending is allowed to stand it will mean that Obamacare will become a reality.  If the spending is stripped out, it will be a major step towards killing Obamacare permanently.

We have to act and we have to do it today and tomorrow.

First, we need to contact our Republican congressmen and tell them to vote no on the continuing resolution unless a provision is placed in that bill that strips the $105 BILLION that was inserted to fund Obamacare.

Since today is Sunday, their offices will be closed.  You can still email and fax your congressman and tell them to vote no on the continuing resolution.   Call them first thing in the morning.  Remember, your congressman has at least two offices.   They have their office in DC and they have their local office.  Many times you can get through to the local office when you can’t get through to the DC office and if the local office starts getting a lot of calls, they will let the DC office know about it.

Then we need to contact the Republican leadership in the House to tell them to insert legislation into the continuing resolution that strips the $105 billion to fund Obamacare.  We can email them and fax them today and call their offices tomorrow.

For John Boehner, the contact information is:


Office Number:              (202) 225-6205

Fax Number:                 (202) 225-0704

If you use twitter, you can send a tweet to @speakerboehner

We also need to contact Eric Cantor as well.  His contact information is:


Office Number:             (202) 225-2815

Fax Number:                 (202) 225-0011

If you use twitter, you can send a tweet to @ericcantor

We must remind the GOP why we put them in power.  We sent them there to cut spending and one of the biggest spending targets is Obamacare.    If Speaker Boehner will not work to eliminate the Obamacare spending, then we must work to get a new Speaker in 2012 and a new Representative from Ohio’s eighth district.

Hopefully the GOP leadership in the House will do the right thing, follow the lead of Michele Bachmann and Steve King and eliminate the $105 billion in funding for Obamacare.  Then we can send them emails thanking them and showing our appreciation, as opposed to starting to look for primary opponents.

What has been done so far?  See The Republican Leadership ….

We must act NOW!  Tell Speaker Boehner and the rest of the lugs to get off their perch and get with the program.