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“Dozens of rounds of live ammunition were found outside the Capitol Thursday morning, law enforcement officials said.

Dane County deputies found 11 rounds near the State Street entrance Thursday morning, UW-Madison Police Chief Susan Riseling said. Twenty-nine rounds were found near the King Street entrance, and one round was found near the North Hamilton Street entrance, Riseling said.”

Am I the only one who believes that those rounds of ammo were purposely left behind to send a message to those of us who oppose the Progressive movement?  If so, then Progressives must surely know that we don’t scare easy.

Clearly there was more to Indiana Deputy Attorney General Jeff Cox live ammo tweet than originally let on.

In light of these findings, I think that Cox should get his job back.  He was just looking out for law enforcement.

As for law enforcement, they might not want to shrug Glenn Beck off so quickly merely for the meat and potatoes that goes along with union membership (until recently).

Message to law enforcement, you damned well had better know who you’re getting in bed with.

While many of these protesters will march with you, how many of them will put a bullet in your head first chance?  Do you really want to march alongside people like that?  Think about it.  Do not allow your union leaders to make the decision for you.