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City Sponsored Racial Profiling?

“Specifically, we were discussing  the most recent  column  (Arbitrary Law vs. the Rule of Law- No Contest, the Guardian, August  2010) regarding the City attorney considering a new DWLS 3 policy, by which officers would submit their citations to the City Attorneys office rather than directly to the court, where their attorneys would review the citations and then determine which drivers, ‘merited punishment ‘ According to the City Attorney’s Office this determination would be made, largely, based upon an individual’s race.

The officer pointed out,  ‘Isn’t that racial  profiling?’At  that moment three things occurred  to me: Yes it is, why didn’t I talk to you before I wrote that last article, and last, why the hell didn’t I think  of it? Seems obvious, but perhaps we’re being  so inundated with this extremist, progressive  agenda, nationally  and locally,  sometimes we miss the obvious.

Yes, by Jove,  it is racial  profiling, indeed-and in fact. Don’t  you love the irony? After many years of the City and community activist groups unsuccessfully  attempting  to prove that Seattle  police  officers  are guilty of  racially profiling its citizens  (and non-citizens), the City offers  proof that it’s the one racially  profiling,  and further, it even wants  to pass laws and implement policies  to support it….”

Continue reading Officer Pomper’s Op-ed here.

For those attacking Officer Pomper, get over it.  Freedom of speech is not selective.  It is hypocritical of those to attack Officer Pomper for exercising his right to free speech, yet accept racial profiling all in the name of social justice.  H/t The Blaze.

Besides, last I heard, racial profiling was illegal?  Now we learn that Progressives are SELECTIVELY applying racial profiling all in the name of social justice and to pursue their own agenda.

So what is next excusing rapists, muggers and murderers for their heinous crimes because they grew up on welfare and in the projects, all in the name of social justice?  What the hell is wrong with the people living in those communities?  I can clearly hear shouts of joy emanating from many in Black and Latino neighborhoods.  I wonder just how understanding they will be of racial profiling when one of them or their loved ones becomes a victim of thugs and said thugs are set free as a result of SELECTIVE racial profiling based on their upbringing and backgrounds.  Of course, by then it is too late to demand justice in the name of the law.

If communities accept this sort of racial profiling, then it becomes an open and shut case and the blame clearly falls at the feet of those living within these crime burdened communities.

Law enforcement will not waste precious man-hours responding to crimes committed in Black and Latino communities; and in the end, an insignificant punishment will result in crime rates dramatically increasing.

Many communities will return to days similar to those at the height of the crack epidemic when drug lords took Black and Latino communities hostage.

Lastly, if this sort of profiling is allowed to continue and crime does increase in Black and Latino communities, how long will it be before Marxists declare these communities ungovernable justifying the need to build a fence around these communities that would keep the thugs and the people living within these communities under lockdown in a police state?

Warning to budding socialists:  Be mindful of what you ask.