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The videos and audio in this post are speeches by Sayful Islam, Anjem Choudary and Abu Izzadeen all of whom plan to speak in front of the White House on March 3rd.

The first video is of Islamic jihadist, Abu Izzadeen.  Izzadeen who threatens journalists with death as he espouses disdain for the United States, the UK and delights with fellow Muslims over the televised events and the suffering of Americans on September 11th.    Izzadeen then goes one-step further by comparing the September 11th attacks to Islamic attacks in Madrid, Spain.

The rest of the videos and audio in this post are videotaped speeches by Islam, Choudary and Izzadeen, excerpts from last year’s Islamic Awakening Conference in which Islamic Jihadists, all three men attended.
The first tape is of Choudary calling for dawa, i.e., the call to islamatize the UK and the United States.

The next video (part 2) contains a speech by Islamic jihadist, Sayful Islam, continuing the call for dawa and the domination of Islam over the west.

In the event you have a problem viewing the above video, below is the full video of the Islamic Awakening Conference, Sayful Islam starts at 2:09:12.

Finally, is an audio in which you can hear the ranting of Abu Izzadeen who also attended the Islamic Awakening Conference here.

These three men should not be allowed on U.S. soil.