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“The House GOP approved an amendment to a government-spending bill that would block funding for the Obama administration’s so-called policy ‘czars,’ appointed advisers to the president that have been much-criticized by Republicans.

The vote was 249-171.

The amendment, offered by Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), specifically targets Obama’s ‘climate czar’ by blocking funding for the assistant to the president for energy and climate change, the position’s official title. The amendment would block funding for the ‘czars’ through the end of the fiscal year, when the spending bill would run out. The underlying bill also includes a provision to block funding for the position.

‘I think this sends a strong signal to the president that we are tired of him running this shadow government, where they have got these czars that are literally circumventing the accountability and scrutiny that goes with Senate confirmation,’ Scalise said after the vote.

Carol Browner, who currently holds the position, announced last month thatshe will resign, leaving the future of the office in doubt.”

To see who else is affected by the defunding of the czars, go here.  Perfect maneuver to save precious funds and eliminate Obama’s ursurping our laws and the Constitution.

Way to go Republicans but this is just the start.  Dethrone the commies.  Defund!  Defund!  Defund!