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Think this can’t happen here? Think again.

Europe is finally admitting that multi-culturalism has failed.  The UK government has allowed itself to become  infiltrated with Islamic radicals who have successfully mobilized and are now demanding that the UK become Shariah compliant.

Muslims demand sharia law at London embassy protests (pics) Londonistan, Eurabia, when will the West wake up? via London embassy protesters demand sharia law amid continuing chaos in Egypt | Mail Online. Protesters waving placards calling for Islamic law to be imposed in Egypt have demonstrated outside the country’s embassy in London. For several days, a peaceful protest has seen hundreds of ex-patriots and supporters of regime change mass outside the embassy in the centre of the capital. Today, brandishi … Read More

via Creeping Sharia

(Interesting read:  Whoops: Al-Qaeda infiltrates UK’s Muslim “anti-terror summer camp”)

Such infiltration is happening in the USA today.  The Muslim Brotherhood is in the White House.

For more information, see ex-CIA Agent, Clare Lopez’ Center for Security Policy Report, SHARIAH:  THE THREAT TO AMERICA, An Exercise in Competitive Analysis, Sept. 2010 (pdf);

Clare M. Lopez, Vice President of the Intelligence Summit bio.

The American lame stream media is lying to us when they say tell us that radical groups like Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, ISNA are not dangerous.   They are one and the same and we ignore these terrorists and the danger they present at our own peril.

Imam Abdul Rauf, the Ground Zero mosque imam believes that the U.S. Constitution is Shariah compliant and he has made it his goal to bring Shariah Law to the United States.

Are you kidding me?

Under Shariah Law, women are stoned for adultery.  Are you feeling THAT?

Under Shariah Law, women must cover their bodies from head to toe. Are you feeling THAT?

Under Shariah Law, women are inferior to men.  Are you feeling THAT?

Under Shariah Law, “…a husband has the moral and religious right and duty to beat his wives for disobedience or for perceived misconduct. A woman does not have the right to choose her husband, or her place of residence, to travel freely or have freedom in her choice of clothing. Women have little or no autonomy and are deemed to need the protection of their fathers, husbands or other male relatives throughout their lives. Any conduct that undermines the idea of male supremacy will fall foul of the Sharia…”

ARE YOU FEELING THAT and why are do Progressive so-called feminist organizations support Islamic radical groups?  Surely they realize that their support of  Islamic terrorists clearly undermines that which they themselves claim to be opposed.  Such hypocrisy is perilous to the advancement of women globally and sets the clock back well over a century.

In addition, radical Islam is responsible for the murders, attacks and horrific acts being committed against Christians worldwide. Are you feeling THAT? Yet, our government has given these terrorists free reign to THRIVE here in the United States free of accountability. Are you feeling THAT?

Wake up and do not count on the media of our government, even the president to tell you the truth.  These terrorists have revealed to us their true intentions, yet there are far too many who refuse to believe.

Will it take the public beheading of a loved one to get your attention and awaken some of you from your dream state?

Do you not take issue with the idea of swapping your freedom and liberty for Shariah?

What will it take America, what will it take?  Fuck PC.  WAKE UP.

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