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George Soros, self-loathing Nazi collaborator, anti-Semite, anti-American, enemy to the free market and freethinking, the U. S. Constitution and the Republic did not waste a minute before injecting himself into Egypt’s revolution.

Soros, the poster child for evil and deception, under the guise that he knows what is best for Egypt and the world because everyone else is too naïve exposes his agenda in this week’s Washington Post op-ed.

After several paragraphs of feigning concern for Egypt’s future and in the form of delivering advice, this leftist piece of trash finally exposes his agenda, which is bringing about the destruction of Israel.

In his op-ed piece, Soros attempts to convince readers that his willingness to assist is after all for the good of Egypt and the collective.  It comes as no surprise that according to this demon seed what is good for Egypt and the world is the destruction of Israel.


“The main stumbling block is Israel. In reality, Israel has as much to gain from the spread of democracy in the Middle East as the United States has. But Israel is unlikely to recognize its own best interests because the change is too sudden and carries too many risks. And some U.S. supporters of Israel are more rigid and ideological than Israelis themselves. Fortunately, Obama is not beholden to the religious right, which has carried on a veritable vendetta against him. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is no longer monolithic or the sole representative of the Jewish community. The main danger is that the Obama administration will not adjust its policies quickly enough to the suddenly changed reality.

I am, as a general rule, wary of revolutions. But in the case of Egypt, I see a good chance of success. As a committed advocate of democracy and open society, I cannot help but share in the enthusiasm that is sweeping across the Middle East. I hope President Obama will expeditiously support the people of Egypt. My foundations are prepared to contribute what they can.”

The last sentence tells all confirming that George Soros has an agenda of his own.

The puppet master, one not to let a good crisis go to waste is obviously pulling the strings behind the scenes and acting in collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood to mold Egypt and surrounding nations into a position of power where they can take Israel down.

Soros should be exiled from American soil and barred from using the American media as propaganda tools to spread evil.

Such collaboration with the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood, Progressives, green activists and other useful idiots enables Soros in his agenda to bring about chaos, the economic collapse and eventual destruction of Israel and the United States.  Anyone who believes otherwise is suicidal.

Finally for those following the events in Egypt, note we are being lied to.  Democracy has nothing to do with it.

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