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Jerusalem Post

“A spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt on Thursday evening repeatedly refused to commit to maintaining the peace treaty with Israel, or even recognizing Israel, if the Brotherhood becomes a player in the future governance of Egypt.
Asked on CNN if his organization would support the maintenance of the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, Mohamed Morsy, a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, dodged a direct answer but said Israel had failed to honor the treaty. He said it would be up to the Egyptian parliament to decide on the fate of the treaty, and that the parliament would reflect the will of the people…”

So what can Barack Obama tell us that we don’t already know.  He can lie, he can spew rhetoric about a kumbayah moment between Egypt and Israel but we know what awaits Israel and the United States for that matter if Obama goes the way we expect.

“… He also accused Israel of “shedding the blood of the Palestinians for more than 60 years.”

Enough said.  Besides, how can the Muslim Brotherhood whose emblem is the Koran and two swords be anything but trouble?