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Beck is only half-right.  Oprah does get it.  However, Glenn has missed something here.  Oprah admitting that she hated signing over checks to the IRS was just being honest.

On the one hand, many Americans have no problems writing checks to the IRS.  On the other hand, there are those on the left AND the right who despise writing checks to the IRS.  Some are just more honest about it than others.  Many on the left and right who write checks to the IRS do so without bitching but it is not for lack of wanting to.

Now back to Oprah.  First off, Oprah has a fan base that she must play to when speaking publicly.  She is no different from any other celebrity, actor, singer, artist, etc.  They have their fan base and even if they do not share the same values as their fans, they often play up to their base in order to maintain their success and popularity.

Case in point, there are many Black and Latino actors, comedians, musical artists out there whose fan base is extremely liberal.  Some of these artists/celebrities are Progressives themselves while many are not.  Those who are not liberals keep their political and social standings to themselves, as they are entitled.

Where am I going with this?

Many famous Black and Latino American artists were once liberals.  However, money, power, education, success, life and paying higher taxes have enlightened them.

Some of these artists eventually reach the conclusion that being a liberal is not the be all to end all but they cannot afford to share such revelations without the threat of losing their fan base, lifestyle, money and acclaim.  Therefore, they play the game.

I am not fitting Oprah into this mold.  I am just stating a fact.  All is never as it appears to be which is why we must remain vigilant and focus on both hands at all times.