Antonio Morales, owner of the Southlake Bellagio Day Spa, Tarrant County, Texas took six hours out of his schedule Thanksgiving week to decorate a 9 foot tall Christmas tree which he loaned to a JP Morgan Chase bank in his community.  Morales who loves Christmas decorated the tree as a favor to the manager, who also happens to be one of his clients.

After a week or so of the tree being on display in the lobby of the Chase branch, Morales received a telephone call asking him to pick the tree up.

Upon retrieval of the tree, a Chase employee informed Morales that the tree was taken down because some could find the tree offensive.

According to an email I received from Tim Wildmon, American Family Association, Chase provided decorations…four small window stickers with lights printed on them.”

The email goes on to further state:

“According to the employee, At work, Chase expects us to perform like company-programmed robots and not share the spirit of Christmas with our customers. We’re real people and our customers are real people, but Chase has put chains on our individuality and our ability to share the spirit of Christmas with our friends and neighbors who bank with us.”


A representative for JP Morgan Chase corporate has indicated that the bank only meant to enforce a year-round policy against accepting gifts from customers. ???? The tree was on loan to the bank not a gift.

“We are applying common sense here and offering to put the tree back up at our expense,’ Chase spokesman Greg Hassell said from Houston.’

‘We appreciate the thoughtful gesture from Mr. Morales,’ Hassell said. ‘Unfortunately, we’re unable to keep it [the tree] on display for the remainder of the holiday season.’ JPMorgan Chase ensures that decorations are ‘something everyone is comfortable with, regardless of how they celebrate the season,’ Hassell said.”

When JP Morgan Chase becomes the Grinch, it is time for this Christian to take her account elsewhere.

While JP Morgan Chase is concerned about offending those who do not celebrate Christmas, such a decision is both hypocritical and offensive in that they have no problem taking our money.  The decision to remove the tree is an insult to Christians.

You can read more about JP Morgan’s war on Christmas HERE. The American Family Association has arranged link for those who would love to share their feelings with JP Morgan Chase.

Since this incident took place, JP Morgan Chase has had a change of heart.  The bank has since granted Mr. Morales permission to put the tree back up but Morales has refused.  Can’t say I blame the man, therefore, Chase has since put the tree up at their own expense.

As for Mr. Morales, he is taking his account elsewhere.