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It is disturbing that media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal support the FCC’s control and regulation of the internet. For some reason, I expected the Wall Street Journal to be better than the New York Times.  My bad.


“…This week a group calling itself Anonymous, claiming to be acting in defense of WikiLeaks, has triggered a series of attacks on the Web servers of companies, governments or individuals that have become involved in this controversy. The disruptions have occurred against Amazon, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, a Swiss bank, the Swedish prosecutor’s office and the website of the lawyer representing the women who have brought sexual assault charges against WikiLeaks progenitor Julian Assange. Yesterday the Dutch police arrested a 16-year old for participating in the WikiLeaks-related assaults.

The server attacks are called a distributed denial of service (DDoS), which sounds like an event in an Isaac Asimov novel but isn’t funny if it happens to you. Typically, a group like Anonymous overwhelms and degrades an institution’s servers. They do this by hacking into and taking control of thousands or tens of thousands of innocent computers, and then using the compromised computer—now called a zombie or bot—to become part of a zombie army or botnet, which a group like Anonymous or similar ‘master’ will order to flood its target with attacks….”

(3:53) “The intention of anonymous is to protect free flow of information of all types from the control of any individual, government, corporation entity.  We will do this until our proverbial dying breath….

(7:00) We are against anyone who supports censorship…..”

All this from anarchists colluding with Progressives who under the guise of the FCC on December 20, 2010 will move to bowdlerize, manipulate and police the internet in the US  thereby stifling the debate of those who stand in opposition to their fascist agenda.

It should be noted that these same individuals just a few days ago in defense of Wikileaks declared cyber war on the United States.

This socialist alliance is bent upon chaos and the economic collapse of our nation.

In addition, there is something incredibly disconcerting about Progressives comparing their fascist schema to the Civil Rights movement.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

By the way, if you experienced problems earlier this week while attempting to do online banking, shopping or any other use of your credit card/debit card, it was very likely courtesy of Anonymous.

Having personally experienced problems on all levels while these takedowns were in play, I suspect that the entities affected would prefer to keep us in the dark.

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