Clearly, the California teachers’ union is going to do everything inhumanely possible to maintain its power grab on the educational institutions in the United States while fighting parents who wish to save their children from a lifetime of serfdom.

It is the job of the teachers’ union and party to keep Americans under thumb and on the plantation. Talk about nerve which explains why our children are failing so.

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Of course, we would expect the teachers’ union to fight the parents, it is what they do.

It is about time that parents wake up, get a heads up and tell the teachers and their union to go to hell. Our children come first.

I commend these parents for taking a stand but pray that they do not fall prey to a sellout, infiltrator or to the teachers’ union arsenal of trickery, lies and propaganda.

Do not trust the progressive bastards, not for a minute. H/t The Union News.

Finally, to the parents, you and your children would do well to step out of the progressive whole dug for you, your children and their future.