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A week ago, CBS reported that 82% of those polled (by CBS) were supportive of TSA security measures that included full body scans, enhanced pat-downs.

Less than a week later, according to CBS, public opinion is starting to turn against the TSA and its methods.  Knowledge is power.


The TSA has so far asked for the public’s cooperation as it implements the new procedures. The agency and the Obama administration have also pointed to last week’s CBS News poll to suggest people aren’t as outraged as media reports suggest. According to that poll, conducted Nov. 7-10 and released Nov. 15, 81 percent of Americans said they supported the use of the full-body scanners.

Now, however, a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, conducted Nov. 21, puts public support of the scanning machines 17 percentage points lower than the CBS News poll did. Sixty-four percent of respondents in that poll said they supported use of the machines, while 32 percent said they were opposed to the machines. Support drops to 58 percent among Americans who say they fly at least once a year.

Additionally, the poll found that half of Americans think the new, thorough pat downs go too far.

The marked shift in public opinion comes after a week of backlash led by offended travelers and civil libertarians and subsequently picked up by some lawmakers and heavily covered by the media.

Translation of the last paragraph:  It cannot possibly be the TSA’s fault in any way that public opinion is turning against them.  Blame offended travelers, civil libertarians, extremists, lawmakers and the media but do not blame the full body scanners, the enhanced pat-downs, the TSA’s overly invasive procedures and their fourth amendment violations.

CBS is such a kiss a$$.

Having wondered whom CBS polled and where they got their facts from I suspect that last week’s poll was either flawed or manufactured and that CBS intentionally attempted to sway the debate in another direction.

Why?  Because CBS’ facts was the opposite of the many discussions I was following.

As for the TSA, Americans do not have to be understanding or tolerant of government violating our fourth amendment rights, molesting us, our children, sexual assault and government approved porn.

On a more positive note, the realization that popular consensus is against the TSA violating our freedoms will surely perturb the One.  May it drive this tyrant over the edge of a cliff.

After all, it was exactly a year ago that the an Obama administration staffer bragged about how they control the media.

In spite of the Obama administration’s media puppets, the TSA, full body scans and enhanced pat-downs, the Obama administration gets an “F”.

To silence Americans, squash the discussion, instead of observing and respecting our Constitutional rights, the TSA is moving to censor and violate our freedoms further by banning all videotaping or taking photographs in airports.  How Nazi-like.

Oh and let us not forget their agenda to control and regulate the internet via the FCC.

It is to the benefit of the Obama administration and progressives that Americans be kept  out of touch with each other and in the dark as to what is going on in our country.  See


TSA Admits to Fourth Amendment Violation: