What is this insanity and disrespect that Americans cannot fly the nation’s flag.  Maybe we should consider exiling all socialists, Marxists and communists since they hate the United States so much.


“Steve and Robin’s last name may be Perfect, but their situation is anything but.

After seeing their son Sgt. Edward Nadler off to war this fall, the Hailey, Idaho couple bought an American flag to fly in support of ‘Eddie.’ But when they got home to Copper Ranch Condominiums and placed the flag on a post they thought was their property, neighbors and condominium management told the Perfects they had remove their flag. The demands have sparked a debate over rules that directly or indirectly prevent tenants from flying flags, and now the Perfects are having to defend their right to fly an American flag on American soil.

‘We’ve been harassed and hassled for the past two months, and we’re all stressed,’ Robin, 50, said. ‘It’s bad enough that my only son is going to Iraq — now I have to worry about this.’

After resisting for those last two months, Robin says the couple is ‘tired.’ Unlike their son, their tolerance for battle isn’t so high. But a battle is exactly what they’re in, as now the homeowners association has weighed in and says the couple is in violation of its policies.

‘It’s about items in the common area,’ Property manager Brian Emerick told the Idaho mountain Express. ‘And, tenants are not allowed to place items in the common area … [including] any number of things, bird houses, wind chimes, anything.’

‘It’s unfortunate it involves the American flag,’ Emerick told The Blaze, ‘but from the HOA‘s perspective it’s not about the flag, it’s about the rules.’

That battle started on September 22. After placing the flag ‘5 steps’ from their front door a day earlier, Steve, 59, told The Blaze he got a call from Lido Equities, the national California-based company that leases the condo they rent. The representative, he said, told him she received complaints about his American flag and said that flying it made it appear that he was ‘supporting the war.’ She said he should think about being more considerate to his neighbors and ask them if they objected to the flag….”

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