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“Ninety-five Democratic Congressional hopefuls signed last week a pledge to support the Federal Communications Commissions proposed Net neutrality rules. On Tuesday, all ninety-five ‘net neutrality protectors’ lost to their Republican opponents.

Among the measure’s endorsers–or victims, as some campaign insiders suggest today–were would-be senators Alexi Giannoulias, Jack Conway, Paul Hodes, Joe Sestak and Lee Fisher.

With the nation’s economic recovery still in uncertain territory, opponents to the FCC’s redesign of the broadband regulatory regime point to regulation fatigue as the critical precursor of Democratic losses Tuesday.

‘Candidates who support creating burdensome new Internet regulations were handily rejected at the polls,’ a blog post at Broadband for America (BfA) reads. ‘The message from voters is that unnecessary regulation is a losing tactic.’

After House Democrats recently fumbled legislation to adopt reasonable broadband reforms, radical progressive groups have begun reapplying pressure on the FCC to unilaterally enforce Net neutrality rules by reclassifying broadband a Tittle II carrier.

The reclassification bid was so noxious that the groups faced opposition even from Democrats. At least eight-five House and Senate Democrats expressed reservations with the FCC reclassifying broadband.

Tuesday’s election returns appears to have validated BfA’s over-regulation fatigue rhetoric, with at least fifty-one of those eighty-five Democratic hopefuls surviving the Republican wave……”


See here for the full list of Net neutrality pledge endorses.


All it took was for patriots to say NO and stand together in America on Election Day, and in that one day, net neutrality was gone.  Such a beautiful story to tell and it is only the beginning of what we can accomplish patriots.  We are a good fit.  The founders would have been pleased this week.

Of course, the socialists and communists are not taking time to lick their wounds.  They consider our success an anomaly and are at the drawing board as I type revamping their plan of attack.  No time for us to rest either, we must remain focused and vigilant.